My Box/Sky TV case in court next week

Streaming channel product My Box will face a multi-million dollar claim from broadcasting giant Sky-TV in the Auckland High Court early next week.

Dating back to the April 2017 news release by The Herald titled ‘Sky takes legal action to tackle streaming’, is where this all started for My Box founder Krish Reddy.

Krish and his My Box product, which grew rapidly from strength to strength, are preparing to go to the Auckland High Court on Monday to prove the legality of his streaming device once and for all.

Reddy still maintains the device is 100 per cent legal.

“My Box still stands by its product and maintains it is 100 per cent legal,” Reddy says.

“My Box maintains that it is completely legal in its dealings. The service simply allows customers to access high-quality streams of their own accord. The fact that the box is set up to allow customers to find certain streams does not hold My Box accountable for what they may find. Sky channels such as sports, movies and entertainments are all accessible via the streams My Box makes available.”

“It is intriguing that Sky TV has lowered its subscription prices just days before going to court with My Box NZ,” Reddy says.

Sky Network Television has halved the price of its basic package, as it tries to slow an exodus of customers quitting its pay-TV service in favour of cheaper on-demand rivals. It has also cut its interim dividend in half.

The Auckland-based company lost 37,359 customers in the six months ended Dec. 31, including the 10,608 it shed with the closure of the Fatso DVD rental unit, leaving it with 778,776 subscribers at the end of the year. The reduction in customer numbers trimmed subscriber-related costs and Sky spent less on programming, more than offsetting a 5.5 percent decline in sales to $433.1 million. First-half net profit rose to $66.6 million, or 17.1 cents per share, from $59.3 million, or 15.24 cents, a year earlier.

On the other hand being sold almost exclusively online to date in over 11 different countries, My Box’s sales soared last year.

“I’m a small company who is trying to make TV affordable. Rattling a giant like SKY’s cage was always the intention,” explains Krish.

This intention will come to fruition in the Auckland High Court early next wek, as months of disputes and development of the case have culminated to see Krish take on SKY’s legal team and prove the legitimacy of My Box; a notion all too familiar for Krish.

About My Box:
My Box was started as a hobby in Matamata, New Zealand, where owner Krish Von Roy Reddy was toying around with the idea of streaming channels. From this experiment the My Box product was founded. After talking with friends, Krish realised that the concept of My Box had the ability to be launched worldwide and now this process has happened. Since then My Box has become the sixth business that Krish has run and demonstrated the business acumen that he has developed. Krish is an advocate of giving back to the community (social giving). Each of his businesses reach out to those in need in the community and give back. Krish has travelled worldwide in his pursuit of social giving and has become a world leader in this area of community support.

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